Trail Rated

Tasked with the redesign of the capabilities section on, rather than just redesign/update existing content we worked closely with the client to come up with something more compelling and befitting the brand.


After finding out that the brand really does take every new model out on the Rubicon trail(one of the hardest off road trails in North America) before it earns its Trail Rated badge. We came up with was a content series that showcased all Jeep models (7 at the time) conquering the trail.


This was 2011 (wow, 10 years ago), we wanted to do something extreme. With the help of the untraditional guerrilla production company(Bandito Brothers), we captured Jeeps like they had never been done before (using the first generation of drones, and custom made “steady like” dlsr cameras), creating a compelling argument/experience of what it means to truly own/drive a jeep.


This content series became very popular and helped educate a larger audience on all the key capabilities packed into each Jeep model. To this day this project created the new standard for how the Jeep brand captures its vehicles, however guessing it’s a hella of a lot easier and more affordable then when we did it.