Crunch Time

Ruffles wanted to celebrate the permanent return of Salt & Vinegar Chips at the 2019 Grey Cup hosted in Calgary. Ruffles has a history of participating as a sponsor at the cup every year. But 2019 would be different, we took what could have been a simple sampling program and gave it some action. Outside in the village we had a booth with a custom wrapped truck jammed full of chips (fun way to deal with storage issues). Inside, we took it up a level with a custom claw game that only have you 15 secs (paired with a custom countdown soundtrack designed to intensify things) to grab a prize. The game gave fans an adrenaline hit of what a player feels on the field (under a time crunch, which tied in nicely to Ruffles Crunch Time, Frito-Lay’s on air sponsorship during huddles and last downs) and left them with some tasty chips and maybe a prize or two. T-shirts, Toques, and tons of chips were given out to all the fans, it was awesome.